Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Another card

I'm having a total freak out !  

My on line calendar does not appear to be reminding me in time for birthdays !  I have gone through them all and checked they are on the relevant "email X days before" which should help and if the person hadn't come into work yesterday (he is a customer and friend) and mentioned it was his 60th at the end of the week I would have totally missed his birthday.

I am really tempted to go back to putting things in my desk diary - I thought the electronic repeating every year would be great but honestly I live in fear of missing people's birthdays!

I think this is card No. 6 since my pledge not to buy any (although I did have to buy one whilst on holiday - a sympathy one which wouldn't wait).

K xx

Monday, 25 July 2016

Some cards I made and a book I really enjoyed. True Story about a 15 year old girl who went to Bulgaria with her Mother and brother at aged 15 to visit her grandmother and got trapped behind the Berlin Wall until it was knocked down.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

We've been away....

Phillip, Barney and I have just returned from a wonderful holiday near Sidmouth in Devon.  We left on the 13th of July and returned home just over a week later on  theThursday as we like to have a couple days at home before heading back to the business.

We were so incredibly lucky with the weather, fabulous sunshine and just one morning of rain the whole time.  We visited the donkey sanctuary whilst we were there - which is free, you just make a donation on our way back from Beer.

We rode on the Steam train from Buckfast to Totnes (our friend Ian sometimes drives the diesel engine but we had never got around to actually going on the train).  We enjoyed Totnes, very quaint little place, the last time we had been there was on our honeymoon 27 years ago.

We had a lovely time in Sidmouth itself.  Loved Budleigh Salterton, it was very hot but there was a really nice cool breeze from the sea so we were probably in the best place.  We visited Killerton the National Trust property and enjoyed tea at the stables cafe.   We did a lot of walking as well as cycling the Exe Valley way from Topsham to Exmouth and back and then another day did Topsham to Exeter where we visited the historical part of the city and then cycled back on the other side of the estuary and took a tiny boat back over to Topsham. The dog has a special dog trailer and enjoys (in his dotage years) being chauffeur driven.

I managed to read and finish my SAL for July and start the August pattern.  The site was great - been before "Putts Corner" Caravan Club site.  It is so clean and tidy.

All in all we had a very well deserved break and feel rested and a lot better than we did.

Here are a few photos.
View from the Riveria Hotel terrace at Sidmouth - if you ever get the chance have coffee here - it's lovely.
One of Sidmouth's beaches
A very happy donkey at the sanctuary
Beer - pretty little place

Steam Train
The railway station - it could almost be a model couldn't it?
View from Coast path
Chapel at Killerton

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

July finish

July is all done, my pink flamingos are a shocking pink and I've changed some of the colours to suit what I had.

Off to work on August


Wednesday, 6 July 2016

It's been a while....

A proper post has been a long time coming, what with working long hours and walking in our spare time to get the miles up for the challenge we really haven't had chance to do much else!

I felt the sudden urge (and pressing need) to make a card for a friend -  it was going to be the last opportunity to give her the card before her birthday as we were seeing her on a team walk and as the nearest shop is a good five miles from us and the selection of cards are practically non existent and not very nice I mustered up some effort to make one.

I actually really enjoyed it, I love this particular stamp which I coloured in using pro markers.  My friend is going to London to see Take That in Hyde Park and loves going to the Nation's capital so I thought the bus would be perfect for the card.

This inspired me to make a get well soon/thinking of you card as well which wasn't quite so much effort but never the less I enjoyed it.  When you think of the cost of 2 decent cards is well over £5 it got me thinking.... I am tempted to allow £2.50 per card I make and see just how much money I can save (criminal really buying card when I have cupboard full of stuff).  So my challenge to myself is to NOT buy cards and make them and make a note of how much money I can save just by allocating £2.50 to each one... does that make sense or am I waffling!

And finally my joyful world SAL.  You will notice I started the border for August as I didn't have the pattern for July at the time so did the borders instead.  I am hoping to get a bit more done to this one over the weekend. Ideally I would have liked to have had it finished by the 10th when August will be out but that is VERY doubtful.  I will set myself the realistic target of the end of July to finish it.  I am SO desperate to get back on my actual sewing machine but I find myself feeling under pressure to do the SAL.  I know all your lovely ladies will be thinking I am mad and yes I am - I put my hand up to being obsessed with things and in my head not being done by the end of July is a real big thing! I am enjoying it though and this one is going to be given away as a gift - unlike the other 8 that are sat finished, unframed in my cupboard at home (criminal)!