Monday, 26 September 2016

October is finished !

October's cute hedgehog and snail got slightly redesigned with their colours.  For the hedgehog back I used two different strands of colour and I wanted to make the snail shell stand out more so made that more of a humbug snail as I lovingly call them.

I also added some leaves to the plant stem on the other side as I thought it looked a bit lacking.  As you can see I have started the border for November.  It's my intention to get the border done before the 10th of November so I can get straight on with the picture.  If I have spare stitching time I'll do the December border too.

These are two of my favourite things that I have in my garden but the hedgehogs eat the snails and slugs so thought it was a bit of a funny combination to put on the SAL - although they look pretty friendly together don't they?

K x

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Lemon garlic broccoli with bacon - Ali Maffucci inspiralized recipe

Tonight's dinner was truly delicious - very easy to make and went down a treat.  Here is my version, not as beautiful as the recipe book which is the second photograph!

Inspiralized !

I am so "inspiralized"  My new, not very expensive gadget combined with the amazing first book of Ali Macfucci  has given me a new lease of life in my kitchen.

A rather rubbish picture follows of carrot and squash noodles with peas and runner beans, cooked in my own pesto sauce (made with my vitamix - another tool, rather expensive but so worth it - makes amazing soups - had it about a year) with poached salmon seared in honey.  It was blooming well lip smacking delicious.

Who would have thought that VEG could be so much fun.  We eat a lot of veg and mainly fish and lets face it when you are facing carrots, broccoli and cabbage for the third time in a week you are bound to find it dull to cook and dull to eat.  NOT ANYMORE.  Honestly this clever little machine and the super dooper cook book have made such a chance to our meal times.  Cooking has become far more exciting, eating it is a joy and the healthy goodness is certainly making us feel much better all round.

Ali  has recipes on her blog as well as hints and tips etc so if you are unsure go over and have a look.
I know people say things are a life changer - but this definitely is one of the best kitchen gadgets I have ever owned.

October Snow Flower Diaries is out.... it's super cute !

My border is already done so I will be able to get on really quickly with this one.  I love the hedgehog and snail, two of my most favourite creatures - I have both in my garden. It's kind of ironic that they are on the same picture as hedgehogs eat slugs and snails - hence why they are called the gardeners friend.

Monday, 5 September 2016

September was a hoot!

I finished September last night - I have to say you can really feel the theme of autumn through the stitching and in real life (we lit our wood burner on Saturday as it was really miserable).  I have changed the colours a little bit to compensate because of the colour of my aida.  I am wondering what October will be - and we are on the last quarter of the SAL which can only mean we are heading for the end of another year.

Still 3 months to get through first and as we travelled to work on our first morning back in the lashing down rain & having got up in near darkness (we had our company shutdown last week) I couldn't help but feel a little in despair of the dark nights approaching and the lack of sunshine.  I have to remain positive though - I really struggle this time of the year and yesterday was almost frantic inside - a tell tale sign that things are on the change.  For those of you who don't have SAD be thankful as it's a real drain.

So on a positive note, I did have a smile to myself as my dear friend Linda has joined a Solo September SAL - basically you focus on one project for the whole of September and stitch only that. She will be laughing reading this post as she will know that I ONLY ever stitch on one project as it gives me the heebee geebees to have more than one thing on the go and for the first time ever I have this project and a Bothy Threads sewing room sampler which I bravely put to one side to join this SAL (influenced by her)  The poor old Bothy Threads hasn't had a look in for ages but I know I need to stay focused on the Snowflower Diary sampler to get it finished on time.

We have a lovely week off, some of it spent on the Purbecks in our camper van and some spent at home.

K x